How The Luxury Replica Rolex Day-Date Became Known As The Texas Timex

How The Luxury Replica Rolex Day-Date Became Known As The Texas Timex

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. And all those J.R. Ewings have to spend their money on something, so why not luxury replica watches? Specifically, why not copy Rolexes? In terms of square miles, Texas is second only to Alaska in size. And it is the largest of the contiguous 48 states. When we think of the Lone Star State, we think of big hair, big sky, big ranches, and big money.

The yellow gold Rolex Day-Date replica watches for sale is so ubiquitous amongst the monied class that it has become known as the “Texas Timex.” And this is the story of how that Swiss made copy Rolex became the favorite of wildcatters.

Tex Max
From 1963 to 1969, Texas native Lyndon Baines Johnson was President of the United States. Johnson is also a best quality replica watch connoisseur who owned high quality replica timepieces from Hamilton, Vulcain, Patek Philippe, and LeCoultre. The most famous watch in his collection was his 18K yellow gold Rolex Day-Date fake watches online which he wore on the bracelet now called the “President.”

Why, among all the watches in LBJ’s wardrobe, did the Date-Just become his signature timepiece? Some point to a famous 1965 photograph of President Johnson pointing to his scar from gallbladder surgery. The 1:1 fake Rolex is as prominent as the incision. In an ad circulated in 1966, the perfect replica Rolex Day-Date was hailed as “The President’s Watch,” cementing the timepiece’s status.

Texas, in particular, fell hard for the flashy-for-its-time formal watch. Local authorized dealers couldn’t keep up with demand for the AAA fake Rolex Day-Date, which led to the birth of the modern-day waitlist. Then, in the 1970s, oil-producing Texas was so flush with old money and newly minted millionaires that the timekeeper became so commonplace amongst the upper classes that the President gained a second nickname – “The Texas Timex.”

Deep in the Heart of Texas
These golden tickers could be spotted on the wrists of many legendary residents of the super-sized state – from oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens to Dallas Cowboy’s coach Jimmy Johnson. And even though these millionaires and billionaires could afford much more expensive Swiss made replica watches, enthusiasts remained loyal to the brand, attracted more by what it represented than what it cost.

By the mid-1980s, more high quality copy Rolex watches were sold in Texas than in any other state in the US. As demand for the Date-Just exceeded supply, the Texas Timex moniker soon expanded to refer to any solid yellow gold top fake Rolex.

The allure of wholesale replica Rolex watches remains strong in Texas. The brand’s official website lists 33 Authorized Dealers in the Lone Star State, including a stand-alone boutique in Houston (only California surpasses that number with 40 locations). Dallas has been home to a cheap fake Rolex Service Center since the 1980s, and, in 2018, it opened up an eight-story facility in the Harwood District.


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