High Quality Fake Rolex 3346 Zerographe Watches Review

High Quality Fake Rolex 3346 Zerographe Watches Review

I’m sure all of us are familiar with this model from high quality fake Rolex, but just in case any of you were asleep that day, I will recap.

The best replica Rolex 3346 Zerographe features a flyback resetting seconds mechanism with the use of the pusher at 2 o’clock. Only a dozen examples have ever surfaced, and the ones observed thus far have a very tight serial range. These watches date to around 1937, so just before WWII, and might have likely been a small batch of test watches that never made it into full-blown commercial production. They are modestly sized at 32mm, but impressive to see in person.
This particular example came from the family of the original owner and was found during the cleaning of their grandmother’s apartment. The local Genevan family did some research and their uncle had, before retiring, briefly worked at Rolex. I’m assuming we are talking about their grandmother’s uncle. In any case, finding a family heirloom so well preserved and such an incredibly rare piece must be thrilling.
One little detail that Antiquorum brought to my attention was that the last 3 digits of the serial number found on the case back are also hand engraved on the underside of the bezel. Something, I would have never seen or thought to look for. However, it definitely attests to the originality of the watch. The essay on this cheap copy Rolex is pretty complete and you will find the link to it below, so I won’t ramble on much longer.

I admit, I often get the question about the watches we sell at our shop about whether there is a story behind it and if it came from the original owner, etc. Sadly, so much of the vintage watches we see today have already traded hands several times and often their stories are all but forgotten. I would like to do a better job myself of documenting some of these incredible stories and make sure they accompany the watches in the future. Just me kicking around some ideas in my head. Meanwhile, I hope this lot gets a well-deserved good result and the family is happy with their discovery.

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Estimate CHF 50,000–80,000

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