Cheap Fake Rolex Submariner Series Watches For Sale

Cheap Fake Rolex Submariner Series Watches For Sale

Brown Black Dial Rolex Replica Watches outer ring has a calendar of diving watches, the number of 116610 ln, known as blackwater ghost, in the comparison of water and no calendar when everybody is prescribed as a calendar blackwater ghost. The diving watches also has a relatively long history, no calendar with the blackwater ghost in addition to the movement, the rest are identical.

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Because of its movement adopted Rolex Submariner Series Copy Watches classic 3135 movement, increased the calendar system, so both in surface and table mirror and through Black Submariner is different, the surface has a calendar window, table mirror adds a has amplification effect of magnifying glass sphere body small named “bubble”. Although added amplification calendar window, her watch mirror is artificial sapphire glass.

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We’ll introduce submariner series of sell like hot cakes style, with a green face Green Dial Rolex Submariner Series Fake Watches outer diving watches, its number 116610 lv, she and daddy green coupled with color is have different feeling on the vision, the color of her more green.

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